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Pisces SA Wireframe
Pisces SA

The Pisces-SA is an innovative Standalone ALIF platform integrating a highly porous 3D printed interbody with anatomical morphology designed for full osseointegration, streamlined instrumentation and anchor fixation technology for a minimally invasive approach, and guided locking plate to ensure lock confirmation. With a focus on fusion, fixation, and MIS approach, the Pisces-SA is the new standard for Standalone ALIF.

The Aries™ interbody fusion devices feature a proprietary multi-axis mesh and optimized micro-surface topography, both of which are designed to facilitate fusion. The product’s lattice helps increase the implant’s porosity to 80%, which provides unparalleled in-situ radiovisibility compared with other titanium implants. The implant’s anatomic profile, anti-migrational teeth, and streamlined insertion promote reduced recovery time by helping increase procedural efficiencies.

The Black Diamond™ Pedicle Screw System is an intuitive thoracolumbar fixation system that is ideal for use in both degenerative and deformity operations. Vibrant colors make for simplified implant identification and in-situ visualization while novel instrumentation optimizes each step of the procedure. The system’s versatile implant and instrumentation options allow for use in a minimally invasive or open theatre to treat a diverse array of pathologies. Take a look at what gives this system its effects, flexibility and intuitiveness.

The White Pearl™ ACP is a pioneering cervical spine fixation system that is ideal for the treatment of degenerative or traumatic cervical disorders. The plate’s design allows for quick and accurate preliminary fixation as well as maximum screw angulation to accommodate challenging anatomy. Numerous screw options cover all surgeon preferences and are backed up by robust manual locking rivets to prevent screw expulsion. Learn more about its preciseness, angulation extremes, and securing and fixating enhancements.

The Gemini™-C is a hybrid cervical interbody that incorporates the osteoconductive properties of rough, porous titanium with the radiolucent and biomechanical properties of PEEK. The titanium endplates undergo proprietary post-processing to create a macro and micro surface topography conducive to bony on-growth and in-growth. The PEEK core allows for maximum in-situ radio visualization by reducing the implant’s radiographic signature. These unique design features allow the Gemini-C™ Hybrid Cervical Interbody to address the clinical needs of osseointegration, radiographic visualization, and subsidence reduction without sacrificing the functionality and ease of use of traditional cervical interbody systems. Take a look at what gives this system a cutting-edge advantage and optimal performance.

The Blue Topaz™ Sacroiliac Screw System consists of fenestrated, double helix threaded screws with aggressive distal cutting flutes allowing for effortless bone purchase. The implant’s open architecture encourages osseointegration and reduces radiographic signature. Integrated safety features help control targeting and screw insertion while streamlined instrumentation facilitates procedural efficiencies. The implants come in various lengths and diameters to accommodate patient anatomy and optional washers can be used for increased compression across the SI joint.

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